Our Story

We have all been there at a doctor’s office, patiently waiting for our turn to see our doctor.  We made an appointment days before and showed up at the time we made our appointment only to find out that the doctor double-booked appointments and now you will wait 30 minutes to an hour to be seen. 


You have taken time out of your work and know it will cost you more time and money than you expected.  This application was made with you in mind to minimize your time so that you can go back to being productive or enjoying your time off.  RealTimeAppointment was born so that your time would be minimized in going to the doctor’s office and not having to wait for countless time wasting your personal time. 


This RealTime application reschedules your appointment scheduled so that you don’t have to wait at the doctor’s office and it manages the doctor's schedule so that he can better utilize his waiting room and won’t be upsetting his patients with the long waiting periods.  Everyone will be happier utilizing their time.