We have all been there at a doctor’s office patiently waiting for our turn to see our doctor.  We made an appointment days before and show up at the time we made our appointment only to find out that the doctor double booked or something else happened and now you will have to wait another 30 minutes to an hour to be seen.  

Your patient has taken time off from his work and knows it will cost him more time and money than he expected. This application was made with your patient in mind to minimize your patients time, so that he can go back to being productive his time while seeing his doctor.  


RealTimeAppointment was born so that your patients time would be minimized in going to the doctor’s office and not having to wait countless time wasting his personal time. 

This real-time application reschedules your appointment schedule so that you don’t have to wait at the doctor’s office and it manages the doctor's schedule so that he can better utilize his waiting room and won’t be upsetting his patients with the long waiting periods. Everyone will be happier utilizing their time

Our Offerings

  • Verified, detailed Information of doctor partners.
  • Online bookings with trusted doctors across 20+ specialties.
  • Appointment bookings with trusted doctors across 20+ specialties.
  • Full-stack AI based HMS solution. Trusted by over 500+ clients across 1,200+ facilities

Approach to Healthcare

  • Association with Healthcare: Healthcare is beyond diagnosis and treatment. It encompasses the deep connection between doctors and patients which leads to sustained outcomes.
  • Developing Trust: RealTimeAppointment is aware of this responsibility and will do everything to uphold the trust of the patient by re-scheduling the appointment on time.
  • Transparency: We follow the highest ethical standards as we believe in transparent and honest communications.


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We save you time and money

Smartphones have made food ordering, taxi hiring etc. into an enjoyable tap experience. Now customers have started to expect the same from all service providers and Healthcare is no exception. Customers are becoming patients who don't want to waste time scheduling and rescheduling appointments. They want to find specialists that can help them quickly review user reviews and set up appointments immediately.
“Systematized Scheduling = Superfluous Appointments”
RealTimeAppointment allows patients to book their slots at their convenient times so that they could free up time and don’t miss any appointments. Doctors have more advantage with RealTimeAppointment system, as it cuts down the operational costs and increases the overall number of patient visits.